About Abiibo

The Problem

The internet has significantly changed how people shop for things now. People spend their time researching and understanding the products they are interested in and they know exactly what they want. We call these people "Smart Buyers". They just want to know who will give them the best deal without having to drive all over town visiting stores or contacting businesses. In all likelihood there are probably other Smart Buyers looking for the same product so why not get together and work out a deal for two, three, or ten purchases?

The Solution

Lets unite these Smart Buyers and bring them together with the businesses to work out a great deal! For a buyer it's a great way to find and group with others making a similar purchasing decision to get a better deal. For a business it's a great opportunity to make multiple sales quickly by having interested buyers come to you. It also allows you to know about and participate in deals that you may not have otherwise known about.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Abiibo Inc. connects thousands of sellers to millions of buyers. The Abiibo concept was created by the two founders were Smart Buyers, and wondered if there was a shopping tool that would help them with their purchases. The founders believed a simple concept: Consumers are Kings. The fact is, sellers survives in customers, and would bend over backwards to win the sales. The Abiibo concept was then created, it was a combination of reverse auction, merged with a common business to business practice known as Request for Proposal, an online local classified listing, and group buying. The Abiibo website brings qualified buyers to sellers, and the best deals from competing sellers to buyers.

Meet the Founders

The founders of the company are young adults not so different from the very ones that Abiibo is trying to help. They realized that if they would love a service like this then perhaps many others in the same situation would be interested as well. We have worked in technical fields and dealt with customers at different levels for almost a decade each. We've led teams, we've developed things from concept to actual product, and we've dealt with people in many different roles and situations. It is our belief that with this experience and the fact that we are also going through the same phase in life as many of our users that we will be able to develop Abiibo into something that is truly helpful to everyone.